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Statement of Intent


At Stepping Stones Early Learning Centre we acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land in which we reside, learn and play, the Wiradjuri People and would like to pay our respects to the elders, past present and future.

At our Centre we understand that quality education is built on a foundation of secure, respectful relationships, so each child is held in the highest esteem and is valued for their differentness and individuality. Relationships with children are core to our beliefs and foundational for promoting deep understanding. We passionately believe children express themselves in hundreds of languages – through creative, sensory, investigatory, experimental and, always, joyful play. Children are capable, confident and competent, having an inherent disposition for learning. Every child has a right to quality care, education and an innate sense of safety. We promote each child’s sense of security through a flexible routine, continuity of educators and consistent expectations.

We hold tightly to the belief that children and educators are co-learners through respectful and collaborative partnerships. The role of our educators is to care for, collaborate with and support each child by building deep, personal and meaningful relationships with every child to help them grow, learn and thrive. We regard educators as valued professionals, who should be treated as such - educators are sparks that kindle fires within children. Our educators actively create a positive, professional culture of collaboration, inspiration and appreciation.

We recognise that the environment plays a vital role in children’s learning and at Stepping Stones it is intentionally designed to do so. Each child’s abilities and knowledge are a valued part of a dynamic and collaborative learning environment where children are encouraged to test their skills and be challenged within their environment. We strive to provide a total learning environment where children are free to observe, question, experiment and explore while inspiring wonder, promoting curiosity and encouraging engagement.

It is our belief that play-based learning is the most effective method of early education and children thrive with a personalised, holistic and flexible educational approach, based on an approved learning framework. Our service aspires to authentic self-reflection to guarantee constant and continued improvement. Our philosophy is deeply embedded in and drives our daily practises.

At our centre we are mindful that the community plays an integral role in a child’s life and education, thus our relationships with families are valued, respectful and mutually responsible. We are respectful of all children’s cultures and incorporate their heritages into our learning programs, thus developing a sense of respect and community within the Centre. Families are supported in their role and families also contribute to the service operations.  At Stepping Stones, we perceive learning as a process of participation, reflection, and investigation shared by educators, children and families, and encourage family involvement and feedback into the development and delivery of our educational program. Children are valued members of society and are raised to be caring, compassionate, thoughtful and community-minded.

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