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Our Philosophy

Our educators acknowledge that our children are capable, confident and competent learners.

We recognise that children are individuals and therefore aim to provide flexible routines and individual programs to support each child. At Stepping Stones Early Learning Centre, we value cultural diversity and strive to create a culturally safe service that is inclusive to our families traditions.At Stepping Stones Early Learning Centre, we believe that our families are an important part of our centre culture and as such, we develop positive and supportive relationships with our families to support our children in achieving the best outcomes. We recognise that honesty and positive relationships between educators and families is integral to creating a sense of belonging for the children in our service.


Our centre is inspired by naturalistic play and implements real world experiences that teach the children valuable life skills and allows them to develop at their own pace. Our program is developed in collaboration with the children and families showcasing their interests and talents. At Stepping Stones Early Learning Centre, we are inspired by an emergent curriculum that encourages the children to learn through play and challenges them to succeed utilising risky, messy and sensory play concepts. Our educators implement a holistic approach to early childhood education and acknowledge the rights of the child with an emphasis on learning empathy, social and emotional skills.


Our environment is the third teacher and it is through the indoor and outdoor spaces that our children explore, invent, problem solve and are guided by their imaginations. Our environments promote sustainability and challenge every child through projects derived from child interest and family input and utilise natural elements such as clay, natural loose parts and recycled materials. At Stepping Stones Early Learning Centre, we value our educators and view them as professionals as sparks that kindle the fire within the children. Our educators actively create a positive and professional culture of collaboration and inspiration that inspires the children to explore their ideas


We pride ourselves on the connections we have built within the community through incursions, excursion, fundraising efforts and our relationships with local schools. At Stepping Stones Early Learning Centre, we support cultural diversity, gender equality and orientations. Our centre embeds indigenous perspectives utilising the 8 ways of learning pedagogy and acknowledge that community involvement is essential for children's learning and development.

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